You Have the Power


“Whoever you are, human being who reads these lines: always care for the best health of your body and your psyche. Also do not thereby disregard the health of your consciousness, whereby you must constantly be concerned, however, that you do not mollycoddle your consciousness or psyche or the body.
Whoever constantly challenges his/her body and his/her psyche and his/her consciousness, does good thereby and promotes the fulfillment of his/her duty to himself/herself and his/her own duty.”
Billy Meier: “The Way to Live”, 52, p.32

THE BODY: Duty to One’s Self
It is a duty of the human to inform themselves of how to correctly care for their bodies so that they can sustain their life and maintain health, for while all life is striving towards the death and then again for the reincarnation and it is a fact that the health of the body will fade and death will come, each day alive is an opportunity to evolve our consciousness and cultivate the higher values of true love, peace, freedom, harmony and wisdom

Physical wellness as a foundational aspect of duty to one’s self and one’s own duty does not need to be complicated. The recommendations from our Plejaren friends include eating a balanced diet of whole foods that are uncontaminated by chemicals and toxins, exercising and performing sufficient manual labor each day, drinking mainly pure spring or purified water as is required by the body and regulated by thirst, supplementing with vital nutrients that the body requires as the food on earth has become more and more devoid of nutrients due to mass production, as well as natural supplements that can be used to detox heavy metals and other harmful substances we are exposed to due to our current worldwide situation.

The Contact Reports are full of information regarding health and caring for the physical body.