Zeta Potential of Blood

Zeta Potential is a measure of the electrical force that exists between atoms, molecules, particles, and cells in a fluid. Zeta potential’s strength determines the amount of material (nutrients, wastes) that fluids such as your blood and lymph can carry. Maintaining zeta potential is one of the main keys to leading a long and healthy life. If you are in the optimal range for Zeta Potential, your blood is able to move around well in the body. When your pH (the acid or base level) is normal and you are well hydrated, it is extrememly unlikely that you WILL EVER develop heart or kidney disease.
Red blood cells are commonly negatively charged. Through small electrical forces this makes the red blood cells slightly push away from each other. This allows blood to normally flow smoothly. This is healthy blood. If the charge on the blood cell changes from negative to slightly positive, the blood cells now want to be closer together. They may even want to stick to each other. What do we call that? A change in Zeta Potential…or a clot.
Blood is naturally maintained in a dispersed state that is just on the verge of beginning to sludge. This is required for an effective blood clotting mechanism so if you cut yourself you don’t bleed to death. Now with blood at a natural precipice just ready to sludge, if we add negative health items, including highly cationic, mineralized water to our diet that have a further sludging effect on our blood, the situation for health begins to deteriorate.

Minerals in your blood may tend to increase or decrease ZP.
Metals are present as ions which are positively charged:
Increasing ZP 3+ 2+ 1+
Non-metals are present as ions which are negatively charged:
Increasing ZP 1- 2- 3-
aluminium chloride Al 3+. Cl 1- Bad
potassium citrate K 1+, citrate 3- Excellent

Increasing your zeta potential accomplishes the following:
– your red blood cells are more effective
– your heart is able to pump blood more easily
– your blood and lymph are better able to carry nutrients
– your body is better able to dissolve and remove toxic deposits.

A lot of the processed foods with chemical preservatives, pesticide residue and additives are of a cationic 1:1, 2:1 nature.  Bad for humans. These foods have a natural zeta potential lowering effect on the blood