Throughout Billy’s contacts with the Plejaren, many aspects of health have been discussed. Some of those discussions & knowledge gained from them  is presented below.

Fats and Oils

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It is the trans fats that are the problem that rapeseed oil is not healthy and should be avoided as a food completely. The health history and the fact that rapeseed oil is a source of a health elixir corresponds to well-conscious lies and a scourge of fraud on the part of food producers. The polyunsaturated component of the oil is extremely susceptible to pressure, heat and light, is unstable and oxidises very strongly, precisely during the processing and refining of rapeseed oil. This increases the amount of free radicals in the human body when it is supplied with rapeseed oil, which leads to diseases and ailments, the causes of which are often not clarified and consequently cannot be treated and remedied, such as in physical-organic inflammatory processes, weight gain, heart and nerve diseases, etc. Also various degenerative diseases and all sorts of indefinable ailments can appear by rapeseed oil processed and refined in the way mentioned. This is better understood when it is known that rapeseed oil is de-rubbed, bleached, deodorized and typically extracted and refined at high temperatures with etchants, questionable chemicals, pressure and petroleum solvents such as hexane. 
My Note: If it is cold pressed, it should be alright.
Extra virgin or cold-pressed olive oil, on the other hand, is of a different nature without the use of chemicals, heat or solvents and can be used as a foodstuff if it contains very little or no erucic acid.
In principle, however, it is not only rapeseed oil that is harmful to health as a result of processing, refining and trans fats, but also most other vegetable oils, so only products containing saturated fats should be used, such as animal fats.
Contrary to the nonsensical and confusing claims of stupid know-it-alls, these do not produce anything bad, do not accumulate cholesterol and do not cause heart diseases, because saturated animal fats are extremely healthy and very important for the entire human organism. If, therefore, the human body is not supplied with food in the form of animal fats, the immune system is damaged and, over time, diseases and suffering develop. 
Then it is no wonder that so many vegetarians and vegans suffer from immunodeficiency, look unhealthy and have a somewhat transparent and watery skin.
There is actually quite a bit to it, since vegetarians and vegans live unhealthily, because they do not eat the necessary animal substances and are therefore more susceptible to disease than the omnivores, something which the human being is fundamentally by nature.
But what to say about animal fats and so on:
Butter as well as coconut oil are of great importance because the right fats are crucial for health.
They are recommended because they contain many healthy saturated fats in the form of medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs.
Native coconut oil is therefore particularly recommended because its high heat resistance makes it ideal for frying and cooking like no other oil.
One of the very important substances is lauric acid, which is mostly absent in the western diet, but which significantly supports the immune system and is therefore very helpful.
Saturated fatty acids, such as those found in butter and coconut oil, are therefore extremely healthy.
Then the healthy and thus the butter and the coconut oil are really demonised by the food and oil producers in order to be able to sell the unhealthy fats and oils with their harmful trans fats to the consumers.
That is so, yes, because through disinformation and misinformation as well as deceitful intrigues by food and oil producers, people are tempted to buy unhealthy vegetable oils, the use of which causes them to fall into disease and suffering.

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The metabolism can be stimulated with natural, high-quality, organic, cold-pressed coconut oil which contains medium-chain triglycerides, simply called MCT and which are contained in nature in only very few oils. These fats are not absorbed by the body and are not stored as fat. MCTs lower cholesterol levels and supply the body with high-quality energy and promote the absorption of calcium and magnesium. [Organic, cold-pressed] coconut oil is an ideal choice for cooking because it is heat-stable and does not develop any harmful substances while other oils that are treated industrially cannot do this and thus strain the organism.