Dr. Robert "Bob" C. Beck, D.Sc.

Bob Beck dedicated much of his life to developing self-health products to help people overcome sickness.  In the 1990s, Bob Beck created three products that came to be known as the “Bob Beck Protocol,” or “The Beck Protocol.” His protocol quickly gained recognition as Bob explained how his protocol could help people suffering from serious health issues from AIDS to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and even malaria. 
Dr. Bob Beck said it was important to understand that the body actually heals itself. Our immune systems are constantly working to protect and heal us at all times. We can aid the process of healing when we implement protocols, and/or change our diet or lifestyle choices.
The Bob Beck Protocol is considered the climax of Bob Beck’s life and career, and “his greatest gift to humankind.”  The “Beck” protocol is simple and straightforward, yet it has been life-changing for many.  Imagine, taking back your power and being in control of your own health and wellness.  That is Bob Beck’s legacy.

The Four Parts of the Bob Beck Protocol

Part 1 – Blood Electrification or Micropulsing
Using a micropulse device on the wrist, gentle (micro) electrical currents reach the bloodstream, which has been known to neutralize harmful pathogens, increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and recharge the blood. Bob Beck created a device that uses microcurrents to treat the blood and could be used by individuals in the comfort of their own home.

Part 2 – Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF)
This part introduces Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs) to generate microcurrents of electricity for targeting specific areas of the body.  Introducing gentle electrical currents is a way to disable harmful pathogens hiding in tissues and organs and other non-blood systems.  PEMFs can be used independently and are known to help alleviate joint and muscle pain due to injury or chronic arthritis, and can aid in the healing process of bone fractures, soft tissue injuries and sports injuries.

Part 3 – Ionic Colloidal Silver
Silver has natural antibacterialantiviral and anti-fungal properties and has been used in healthcare in various cultures for thousands of years. Silver can also help prevent and heal respiratory ailments, MRSA, and other infections. Taking ionic colloidal silver is the most popular way of adding silver into a personal healthcare program. Dr. Bob Beck pioneered the low voltage do-it-yourself method of making ionic colloidal silver easily at home. Dr. Beck designed his micropulsing blood device with a dual function, adding the ability to make your own ionic colloidal silver!  The process Bob Beck used creates a solution by breaking down silver into minute particles (ions) that are suspended in water and are easily absorbed by the body. 

Part 4 – Ozonating Water
Drinking water enriched with ozone helps to increase the oxygen level in the body as well as assisting the breakdown and removal of toxins from the body. Dr. Beck added this step of drinking Ozonated Water when people experienced discomfort as their body struggled to get rid of toxic byproducts from the natural healing process.
In drinking ozonated water, Beck completed his protocol for health; The Bob Beck Protocol.

Success with Micropulsing
In 2003, Bea Langhammer, a natural health practitioner was interviewed in Germany. Ms. Langhammer spoke specifically about a research project that focused on analyzing the blood of cancer patients and its response to blood electrification. This study was prompted by the work of Dr. Alfons Weber, who discovered that the majority of his cancer patients’ blood tests showed parasites inside blood cells, which he established were actually causing cancer.  Bea Langhammer and Thomas Blasig teamed together and analyzed the blood of their clients over the course of several weeks observing the results of micropulsing on the parasites. What they discovered is that micropulsing increased white blood cell activity; red blood cells appeared stronger and healthier, and parasites were eliminated.  Langhammer reported that blood electrification was a very useful tool in healing because it helped the body to heal itself. Langhammer added that it helps the body to get rid of the microbes by inactivating them and helping the immune system get rid of the parasites. 

Dr. Bob Beck’s PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Device
After seeing the success of micropulsing, Dr. Beck knew that pathogens could move around in the body, outside of blood systems treated by micropulsing, and hide in stealth in the body.  In order to target these pathogens with microcurrents of electricity, Beck developed a specialized pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) unit.  Beck’s method of creating PEMFs is unique because his device creates a very high Gauss output for deeper penetration into the body.

Bob knew that a pulsed magnetic field would create microcurrents of electricity in tissue, allowing users to treat many areas of the body including the lymph, colon, organs and more – neutralizing pathogens and enhancing cellular strength simultaneously.

Dr. Bob Beck combined the power of Micropulsing and PEMFs
Combining Micropulsing (blood) and magnetic pulsing (tissues) produced even better results.  Bob understood that practically every cell in the human body relies on electricity – the nervous system, for example, uses electricity to communicate signals to various parts of the body and brain. Without it, we couldn’t think or move. 

Micropulsing and PEMF devices work well in tandem by sending microcurrents of electricity throughout any part of the body. This helps regenerate and recharge the cells as well as disabling harmful pathogens.


Dr. Johanna Budwig

Johanna Budwig was born in Essen and at the age of 16 joined the Kaiserswerth Deaconess Institute. She studied pharmacy in Königsberg and Münster where she met her mentor Prof. Hans Kaufmann the founder of the German Institute for Fat Research. She worked under Kaufmann as a research assistant and completed her doctorate in 1939.
While working as a researcher at the German Federal Health Office she noted many cancer drugs being evaluated in the 1950s contained sulphydryl groups. Budwig believed sulphydryl compounds were important to cellular metabolism and cellular respiration. Budwig researched the theory that a low oxygen environment would develop in the absence of sulphydryl groups and/or fatty acid partners that would encourage the proliferation of cancerous cells. With Kaufmann she developed paper chromatography techniques to identify and quantify fatty acids. Budwig used these techniques to compare the fatty acid profiles of sick and healthy individuals. In 1950, Budwig and Kaufmann presented their findings at the International Fat Congress on “New approaches in fat analysis”. She argued that highly heated and chemically modified fats found primarily in margarine were dangerous to human health. In 1951, Budwig was chief expert for pharmaceuticals and fats in the Federal Institute for Fat Research but resigned over controversy due to her critical statements about trans fatty acids.

Dr. Budwig came to the conclusion that industrial processed fats were a strain on health and caused cardiovascular disease and cancer, whilst polyunsaturated fatty acids were protective. She argued that linseed oil which contains alpha-Linolenic acid, an essential omega-3 fatty acid and sulphur proteins in the form of low-fat quark or cottage cheese are a great importance in the diet. She became known for her “Budwig Creme”, for which linseed oil, milk and low-fat quark are stirred together until no oil is left.
Dr. Budwig died in Freudenstadt in 2003 at the age of 94 as a result of a femoral neck fracture.

The Budwig Diet

Walter Last

Walter Last combined the training and work experience of Research Chemist Biochemist and Toxicologist with that of Practicing Nutritionist and Natural Therapist.

He was born and grew up in Germany and held positions in medical institutions at the Universities of Greifswald, Cologne and Munich, working in research and toxicological investigations.
He was Chief Forensic Chemist at Cologne and worked at Bio-Science Laboratories in Los Angeles.

In 1970 he settled in New Zealand and dissatisfied with drug-based medicine practiced as a Natural Therapist. He lived in Queensland since 1981 and investigated and experimented with a wide range of natural therapies to improve the effectiveness of natural medicine in treating serious and medically incurable diseases.

Walter Last is the author of “Heal Yourself”, “Healing Foods” and “The Natural Way To Heal – 65 Ways to Create Superior Health”, and is the main contributor to the “Self Help Cancer Cure” book. He was a regular contributor to “Nexus” magazine and his latest books were the “Heal Yourself” Series. His website is at http://www.health-science-spirit.com/


Dr. T.C. McDaniel

Dr. T. C. McDaniel was a mere 56 years old when he was having severe cardiovascular problems. His heart was constantly skipping beats. He went to the best heart experts in the field, and they could not help him. He searched for answers and discovered the concept of zeta potential. It was a revelation. Blood, which is a suspension, begins to sludge “clot” unwantingly as Zeta Potential falls. Zeta Potential is the measured ratio of an-ions to non-ions and cations in the body’s circulatory terrain. Armed with this information, he compounded and took his own “anionic surfactant solution”. He drank more pure water, eliminated the bad cations from his diet, and his PVCs disappeared. He lived in wellness until 102 years of age.

Zeta Potential

Zeta Potential — Zeta potential indicates the degree of repulsion
between adjacent, similarly charged particles in a dispersion.
• Anionic (-) negative charged. Anionic substances in the blood repel
each other and keep the red cells dispersed.
• Cationic (+) positive charged. Cationic substances in the blood
keep the red cells clumped together.

Oliver Schacke

Oliver Schacke is the founder of the company 90.10 AG.
All shareholders have agreed in writing to waive dividends and other profit sharing in favour of good causes. 90 percent of the profits are passed on to aid organisations and aid projects.