Science has been a major part of my life. With a B.Sc in physics/maths/chemistry & 35 years teaching physics & chemistry, I have an advantage, but anyone can follow a recipe & if they want to they can also gain an understanding of chemical formulae & equations.
If you decide to make your own supplements that is your choice & I am not persuading you in any way. You are responsible for your own health & actions. I am showing you what I do, but the responsibility is on your shoulders if you decide to make these supplements & consume them. Careful measurement is required.
Details: I will include a section with details about these supplements. You can then check my calculations.
The reason for making supplements is that it is cheaper than buying, it may be a better product & it gives you the power to keep yourself & your family healthy.
*Dosages are for adults of average mass – 70kg. It is what my wife & I take.
As the prophet ‘Billy’ Meier has stated:
“The smith of the destiny is the human being himself/herself.”

* If you don’t live in New Zealand you should easily be able to find some of what follows elsewhere.
Digital Scale: 200gx0.01g (0.1g may suffice; less than 100g OK)
Digital Thermometer: with stainles steel probe
Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons: 1/4t, 1/2t, 1t, 1/2T, 1T, 1/4c, 1/3c, 1/2c, 1c
Maybe 1/16t, 1/8t, 4t
Stick Blender with whisk
Small Pot
Measuring jug – 1 litre
Small s.s. cup (no handle) to sit on scale

Chemicals: Food grade.
distilled water e.g. Pure Dew 6 litres.
We collect rainwater (hoping that our skies are not too polluted). Our diverter is switched on after the rain has washed the roof. We boil the water – usually surplus when we make a hot drink.
I have used a “survival bag” made of a very fine mesh, with an attached filter.
This water I use for making our solutions.

oxides: magnesium (iHerb-NOW 227g), zinc (Pure Nature – NZ)
magnesium hydroxide: From “Bulk Supplements” USA – expensive shipping.
bicarbonates: sodium (baking soda); possibly potassium
organic acids: ascorbic (The Sourcery -NZ), citric , malic (The Sourcery)
*Citric acid & baking soda are easy to source. I get ours from Moore Wilson.
Try & keep air (oxygen & water vapour) out of containers – zip lock bags / large containers distribute to smaller ones.
Most chemical reaction are endothermic – heat is absorbed – heat, while stirring, to 50 – 60 deg C until the solution clears.
Some are exothermic – heat is evolved – not noticeable for zinc salts.
A suspension or a deposit may appear in some solutions with time – especially with citrates. The solution is still OK – the same metals are still present, even in the deposit or suspension. I don’t make large batches.

magnesium citrate-malate:
magnesium oxide 14.7 g, citric acid  19.6 g, malic acid 28.6 g, water 600 ml   *heat
Dose: 2T/day each

magnesium ascorbate:
magnesium oxide 1.1 g, ascorbic acid 10g, water 300 ml *heat
Dose: 1T/day each

zinc ascorbate:
zinc oxide 0.5 g, ascorbic acid 2.2 g, water 600 ml   *whisk at room temp.
Dose: 2T/day each

copper citrate-malate:
You need high purity copper sheet 99.9% pure, or better. Cut 8 strips 10cmx1.7cm, slightly curved so that they stand up on edge. The strips must be covered by water at all times.
citric acid 1 g, malic acid 1.5 g, hot water 500 ml.
Put the acids & water in a small slow cooker (mine is about 15 cm dia internal at the bottom). Weigh the copper strips & place in the cooker – keep apart.
Heat on low for 10 hrs. Remove the strips with tongs, rinse, dry & weigh. Measure & record the volume of the solution & the weight of the strips.
After you have made, say, 5 batches, you will have a good measurement of how much copper has dissolved each time – calculate an average.
Here is my calculation:
500 ml –> 450 ml   67 mg loss of copper each time on average.
2T/day for 2 people (put in shared cereal), so 11 days.
3.0 mg/day each of copper for 2 people.
*N.B. zinc should be about 8x copper – so 24 mg.
*Keep in the fridge. When almost finished you may find that when you dip in a measuring spoon, as you take out the spoon, clear threads may stick to the spoon. You may get some black copper oxide at the end – rarely, if at all. Neither are of any concern.

magnesium bicarbonate:
magnesium bicarbonate 3 g, water 1 litre, Jet Sodastream or equivalent.
Fill the bottle with water to the marked level. Add the magnesium hydroxide using a teaspoon.
Attach the lid & shake vigorously for, say, 1/2 minute.
Quickly attach the bottle to the Sodastream.
Firmly press the button until a squark is heard & release. Wait a few minutes & repeat. A 3rd squirt may be needed. Leave the bottle attached to the Sodastream for, say 1/2 hr. Remove the bottle, lay it on it’s side & inspect after a few minutes. The solution should be clear. You can repeat for another squirt if there is a deposit.
Dilution: 20 ml of this concentrate fpr 200 ml water. This bottle will make 50 litres. You could make up several litres at a time, or just take 20 ml when you want a drink.

vitamin C:
You can take the ascorbic acid if your digestive tract can handle it, or convert it into sodium ascorbate.
Dose: 1/8 t is about 1.1 g vit C; add 1/16 t baking soda to convert & neutralise.

This is synergistic with vit C. 1/2 t with the vit C is about right.
Note: A little lemon juice with your vit C mix works well.
Note: MSM may bind with minerals, so don’t take mineral supplements with this mix.

Many diets are lacking in boron. A cheap, safe, source is borax.
Stock Solution: 1 slightly rounded teaspoon in 1 litre of water.
Dosage: 10 ml/day each.

Lugol’s Iodine 10%
Dosage: 1 drop/day each