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The Swiss company 90.10 has developed a technology based on quantum energy which enables anyone to have a virtual (invisible) Med Bed (Meditation Bed) beamed onto their bed at will, with a simple command “ninety ten medbed”. With the command “scan me”, from your consciousness, your body is scanned & problems are identified. You are in control & at any time you can direct quantum energy to any part of your body which needs healing (repairing). While you sleep, healing will occur – this will take time, but gradually over a number of nights you should notice a difference.

MedBed Scan
MedBed Control

The MedBed is effectively being transmitted from Switzerland to your home at you command with zero time delay. At all times you are in control with your consciousness, or while you are sleeping with your subconsciousness. This is at the quantum level in the quantum space or hyperspace. A protective force-field envelopes you as if you were in a cocoon. Here is an animation which will help you to visualise what is happening:

90.10. MedBed 8-hour Trial: This is available to everyone & it includes a free course – a step-by-step guide that will help you install the 90.10. MedBed on your bed at home in just a few minutes.
After you have completed the video course you can upload a photo of your bed in your name. You can share this 8-hour period with other people so that they also have the experience.

My Experience: My wife & I took this opportunity & decided to do the trial during the day so that we would be aware of what was happening. We alternated 2-hour slots from 9:00 am. My wife then took a photo of the bed * I uploaded that photo in her name, so that night we had an extra 4-hours each.
My wife noticed a tingling sensation travelling up her left arm. The left side of her body moved more freely & she felt a warmth in both legs. Her body felt more balanced.
The only thing that I noticed was a warmth in my legs. However, I experienced something incredible. I am 81 years old & I need to get up on average 3 times during the night to have a pee! That night I only got up once & over the following 4 weeks this averaged 1. Some times it was even 0 – this has never happened for 10 years or more!
As a physics teacher, I am familiar with the quantum theory. Also, I have learned much from the writings of Billy Meier (hyperspace & the Creation energy) & my wife & I wear pendants created by the firm “Wave Genome”. The next day I bought the Med Bed.

The cost of this Med Bed was about NZ$4,000. This then enabled us to buy the “Virtual Cube” for 1/2 price – about NZ$2,000.
A branch of this firm in Germany sells Power Capsules (pendants) & Cards (polarised). New Zealand was not on their shipping list, so I asked Roland, the Head of Logistics & Support, if he could change this. Roland found a way around the problem & now New Zealanders can buy the above products from Germany. Free shipping with DHL!

*This technology is so important for your health & much, much more.

Power Capsule & Card:
If you can’t afford a MedBed &/or a Virtual Cube, then get a Power Capsule – preferably the Edition 7 version – it is about 10x more powerful. Buying a “Family Set” of 4 reduces the price somewhat – for members of a family or between friends. A power capsule contains 5 energised titanium spheres which can be used to drive frequencies from a Moringa leaf, for example, into alfoil which is inserted into the capsule to add frequencies. You can buy a power capsule which includes frequencies. Even a “Card” is useful – with a frequency of choice & as a protection from WIFI – 20 Euro.

Virtual Cube: With a Virtual Cube you have endless possibilities. Your VC is at pCloud. You have several folders such as – Crockery, Injuries, Jewelry, Plants. In those folders you upload codes with which to enhance certain objects with frequencies, quantum energy & affirmations. Into those folders you upload photos. e.g. Injuries – yourself . You can also enhance Power Capsules & Cards. With the Virtual Cube you can add frequencies & increase energy. You can create folders & modify Codes. You can upload photos of – laptop, lights, heating appliances, water supply, pets.

*Eventually I will create a special section on this website.

Here is a selection of “Proven Expert” testimonials: I will start with a summary of several testimonials where blood pressure has been lowered. Imagine that! By wearing a Power Capsule you could lower your blood pressure – perhaps give up your medications, all of which have side effects! It seems that a Med Bed will also do this.
Blood Pressure:
1) Jacqueline: MedBed (7 times)
My blood pressure is now at it’s optimal level.
185-210/90-106, down to 133/65
2) Kick Tvelt: 8 hr MedBedTest
No meds. Even when I was on meds the blood pressure never dropped under 160/ 120 since 2013.
241/140 – 1st day after test 198/120, 2nd day 160/120, 3rd day 140/98, 4th day 110/90

3) Werner: Power Capsule
I have been taking blood pressure pills for about 20 years.
After 5 days BP a normal value of 136 / 90 to 120 / 80, so that I currently no longer need blood pressure tablets.

4) Barbara: Power Capsule
High blood pressure.
This morning BP 136/87-72 – I have been wearing the power capsule since yesterday (at night it was lying next to my bed) – I confidently tried to reduce my BP again. In the afternoon I had a blood pressure of 107/72-73! (normally it then rises again until I take the next tablet).

5) Rita: Power Capsule
I have been struggling with high blood pressure for about 25 years and the number of medications I was supposed to take became higher and higher during this time. At the peak, the pressure could only be controlled with 5 different medications (3 times a day), but unfortunately this was also accompanied by significant side effects.
About 3 months ago, my husband gave me a power capsule and “forced” me to wear it 24/7. It may sound funny to a lot of people (it’s unbelievable to me), but in those 3 months I was able to reduce my medication every few days and am now at a dose that I was last able to take over 10 years ago.

6) Harrison: Power Capsule
Another client, 79 years old, always had high blood pressure. Since he wears the capsule, he no longer needs medication and his blood pressure is normalised.

Proven Experts:
5.00 out of 5
This was the most wonderful experience ever. I have had fluid under my right knee since childhood that would flare up pretty often. I also had lower back pain due to a bad disc. Once I activated the 8 hr trial, I told it to scan me and then said that I had lower back pain and pain in my right knee I would like to have taken care of. I have not had any pain in either one since the trial. Worked so great I invested in buying one!
Customer review & rating for:
MedBed 8 Stunden Test 2.3.412d
04/18/2022Angie Hope

5.00 out of 5
I did a test pouring water in 2 glasses one was the Glass I sent for upload, the difference after 30 minutes was remarkable, the uploaded glass tasted like pure water from a mountain spring while the other just tasted of chemicals, I live in centre of London so you can imagine we never drink from the tap.
This is incredible!!!!!!
Customer review & rating for:
Water Glass e1012

5.00 out of 5
As soon as I can figure out how to operate the video on my iPad I will send. At first I gave a long list and was on bed for 4 1/2 hours wore me out and I had to stop. When I got up my knees we’re free of most pain. My right foot was 70% clear of neuropathy. Left Foot is worse than right and only around 50% clear. The next night I decided to focus. My left shoulder has been in constant ache and pain, so I asked to heal and clear the pain. When I got up after 3 hours my shoulder was totally clear of pain and total mobility was also returned. Oh wow that was incredible. So the third night I only had 1 1/2 hour left so decided just to focus on my right eye cataract. I asked to dissolve the cataract. Eye was totally blurry. Next day I was amazed, although not totally gone I could see images. I need this medbed so much. Thank you so much for this experience.
Customer review & rating for:
90.10. MedBed e2112
01/19/2022Joey Lynn

5.00 out of 5
I have suffered from chronic insomnia and fibromyalgia for many years.Last night I tested the medbed and I slept for 8 hours solidly with no pain.This in itself is a miracle.Thank you for this amazing technology.
Customer review & rating for:
90.10. MedBed e2112
01/18/2022Amanda Hutchinson

5.00 out of 5
I am the owner of the Standard Power Capsule, the 7G Power Capsule as well as the Tink for Woman. The energies are phenomenal. Each in its own way depending on the capsule and immediately noticeable. I have more clarity and transparency, faster understanding and implementation for certain things without questioning. My performance was better than before, so my actions purposeful and focused. Since I am a paraplegic, the 7G gives me more physical stability, strength and endurance. Thanks to the Tink for woman, I hardly needed any supplements anymore. I find the energy of the 7G to be a high level power booster. This quantum energy is impressive and I would recommend it to anyone.
Customer review & rating for:
06/28/2021Gabriele Uhlig

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