Many people believe in homeopathy, where a highly diluted solution of a substance is used to treat a medical problem. Their belief in the solution which they ingest is so…

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The very mention of the word dementia frightens elderly people, because they have seen what has happened to their loved ones , people that they know or what they have…

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Graphene Oxide Nutrition Protocol

Both the jabbed & the unjabbed are at risk from the graphene oxide which enters their bloodstream, where it self-assembles (perhaps with Wi-Fi stimulation) into electrical circuitry as seen with a microscope.
The GO is in: jabs, PCR test swabs, masks, food, water, air (chemtrails), etc.
Everyone should detox regularly.

Here is one protocol – I have added some modifications.
A Nutrition Protocol to protect against Graphene Oxide found in Covid Vaccines.


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