Bach Flower Therapy

Just like Homeopathy, Bach Flower Therapy only works if people ‘believe’ that it works. Then, it is not what they believe in (the therapy), but the fact that they believe – have faith in the doctor & so the homeopathic medicine. It is the power of their thoughts which does the healing, what those who are not knowing may call the ‘placebo effect’.
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Wednesday, 26th October 1994, 16:23 hrs

We can then, of course. So here’s my first question: We already talked about homeopathy and Bach Flower remedies together once, and you explained that they are not applicable for curing diseases, because various diseases cannot be cured with homeopathic remedies and Bach Flower remedies. However, this also applies to medicines of modern orthodox medicine, etc., because such medicines cannot cure a wide variety of illnesses. One must not only think of cancer, but also of many other diseases, especially those of which little or nothing is known in medical science. Homoeopathic remedies and Bach flower products, I remember your words, are so far good and right if they contain sufficient amounts of the decisive active substances to be used for diseases which can be influenced benignly by these remedies, otherwise they are to be rejected as humbug just as conventional medicines of orthodox medicine if they are unsuitable or even dangerous for the corresponding diseases. The actual homeopathy and the Bach Flower Therapy are basically alleged cures in which the diseases are treated with high dilutions. As a result of the effect, phenomena are to be caused, through which the symptoms of the disease are first intensified. If sick people also take such remedies, then they are supposed to be affected more by the symptoms of the disease against which the remedy is supposed to be effective. In the case of patients, it may therefore be that they show increased symptoms after taking the drug and, so to speak, counteract a climax. The remedies of homeopathy and Bach flower remedies cannot be regarded as actual active agents, because they are absolutely useless in this sense and therefore as dilutions, as you say. Nevertheless, the active ingredients used for homeopathy and Bach flower therapy are effective if they are not diluted.
19) A distinction must be made between remedies consisting of pure active ingredients and those consisting of dilutions.
20) Pure agents do the job, but dilutions are useless and ineffective.
21) The lowest permitted dilution is to take the remedy with a little liquid.
22) This applies to all curative active substances which are obtained as essence from plants, crystals, quartzes, salts, minerals or precious stones etc., whereby many substances and possibilities are still unknown to earthly medicine in this respect.
23) With regard to Bach flower products and homeopathy, even low dilutions have very little or no healing effect.
24) All medicinal active substances of any kind contain information which becomes effective when the medication is taken, therefore not only the active substance is important for a cure, but also its information.
25) Thus every active ingredient, whether toxic or non-toxic, soft, hard, liquid, gaseous or crystalline, etc. has its information to fight a disease.
26) But this has nothing to do with homeopathy or Bach flower therapy.
27) An active substance molecule is bundled with countless other active substance molecules, and each individual carries within itself certain information, which is impulsively delivered to the sick body and brings it healing.
28) This is the case with both natural and orthodox remedies.
29) So the active substances of all substances, elements, matter and substances of all kinds are information carriers in infinite numbers.
30) That means:
31) Each active substance molecule is, as already explained, bundled with innumerable other active substance molecules, whereby each one carries a very specific information in its own form and kind and radiates or emits this uninterruptedly.
32) As you have described in your book (note: Existent Life in the Universe), every tiny particle and molecule impulsively sends out its own information and signals, which buzz around at supersonic speed and affect all other innumerable particles and molecules, etc., resulting in a certain understanding and communication that connects everything in the universe with each other.
33) The active substances of medicines, whether in the form of homeopathy, Bach Flower theory, orthodox medicine or chemistry, etc., impulsively radiate their information in accordance with their form, which become effective against the corresponding diseases, attack and destroy the pathogens.
34) When medicinal agents are introduced into carrier fluids in highly diluted form, they lose their efficacy depending on the degree of dilution.
35) The more the carrier fluid is diluted with the active ingredient, the more impossible it becomes to combat pathogens.
36) As far as homeopathy is concerned:
37) This name comes from the Greek language (homoiopat├ęs) and means ‘in a similar state’ or ‘similarly sentient’.
38) Homoeopathy is a ‘cure’ that does not use substances directed against the symptoms of disease in the treatment of diseases, but uses substances that, in high doses, induce similar symptoms in healthy people as the diseases against which they are applied.
39) Ultimately, it results that, as a rule, the faith and the thoughts and feelings of man also lead to healing success in the application of homeopathic remedies and Bach flower therapy.
40) And it is a fact that active substances which are already given in lower dilutions do not have any real healing effect, neither do those which are very highly diluted.
This is explained in an understandable way. Thank you. Your explanation also corresponds to that of Quetzal, who said that homeopathic remedies are unsuitable as active agents because in higher dilutions they are only information carriers. By the way, he also spoke of the fact that many medications of all kinds, including orthodox medicine, etc., are not effective through their active ingredients themselves, but only through their impulses and information or signals.
41) That is correct.