Bleeding Problems

A number of people suffer from a low platelet count, which means that blood does not readily clot when, for example they are wounded.
Also, we have all had a nose bleed at some time, but there are those where nose bleeds are more frequent.

Low Platelet Count: Thrombocytopenia is a condition in which you have a low blood platelet count. Platelets (thrombocytes) are colourless blood cells that help blood clot. Platelets stop bleeding by clumping and forming plugs in blood vessel injuries.
50.000–100.000/µL: The patient may bleed more than normal after serious injury
20.000–50.000/µL: Hemorrhage comes at a smaller injury
<20.000/µL: The patient may bleed spontaneously

The spleen is a designated place of isolation in the body where the storage of blood cells is made, including platelets. Normally, the spleen sequesters approximately 1/3 of newly produced platelets.

ITP – Immune-mediated Thrombocytopenic Purpura:
This is a condition marked by the development of antibodies against platelets. This attack of antibodies on normal cells is what causes low platelet count levels in patients with ITP. The condition may lead to a disorder described as immune-mediated thrombocytopenia.

Help for Low Platelet Count: I have selected from the following.
Earth Clinic:
*My sister was diagnosed with ITP disease. She was taking high dosages of steroids that was only helping slightly.

*I feel badly for all the ITP sufferers. My father has had ITP for four years and let me assure you the treatments are WORSE than the disease. [Blogger: So much for standard medical treatments. Steroids is one of them. Another is Spleen removal – weakens the immune system.]

*I was diagnosed with ITP in 2004, tested at 4,000 platelet count and received standard medical treatments (high toxic dose prednisone 180Mg daily; IVIG intravenous infusions for dropping levels and Winrho SDF (near fatal reaction).
Levels hung around 50-60,000 for a year and I was restricted from strenuous outdoor activities; I started using alfalfa supplement after researching animal medicine and noting that too much alfalfa content in livestock feed leads to serious clotting disorders – exact opposite of ITP. Alfalfa also contains good natural level of Vitamin K constituents [K1 & K2], which is used medically for some bleeding disorders and what patients taking blood thinners are advised to avoid in their diet!
Also switched to solely consuming distilled and/or reverse osmosis-treated water.
Blood levels gradually rose up to 90,000-100,000, as confirmed through periodic CBC testing. Now after 7 years, had highest test to date just inside normal range (144,000 -15) last week. [I don’t know what the 15 is – probably 150,000]
Now watchful waiting – both above items with little if any risk, good solid basis that may help.

*Cured ITP. After 27 years with platelets of 3,000. I tried everything to cure myself without surgery and drugs.
Things that may have caused it or contributed to it are: Vaccines, Amalgam fillings(removed in 95′) & Chronic Constipation (healed this in 2006 – this is known as “Leaky Gut Syndrome” – once this was healed my platelets returned to normal.)
Also had Chelation treatments in 2005 which may have helped with my healing. [You can DIY chelation]

*This is how I cured (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura). My platelets dropped to 7,000 and I had a platelet transfusion plus steroids that caused my eyes to develop cataracts. I was not pleased with further talk about removing my spleen and the low recovery rate with a high death rate at my age from brain bleeds. Children usually recover, but as we age the rate of brain bleeds and death is very high.
I own an electromedicine machine (Known as a Rife machine or GB4000) and I noticed that they had a frequency for Werlhof’s disease which is the old name for ITP disease. This verified that ITP is caused by microbes and I read elsewhere that parasites cause this disease.
To grow more platelets so that I would not have more treatments pushed upon me at the doctor’s office, I took:
Vitamin K (100 mcg) three times a day and Vitamin C (1,500 mg with rose hips) three times a day.
To kill microbes I took baking soda (1/2-teaspoon to 1-teaspoon) in a cup of water with raw honey, crude blackstrap molasses, or pure maple syrup to maintain a pH level between 8.0 and 8.5 urine pH for 21 days. So one needs to have some pH strips. This baking soda treatment kills bacteria, virus, yeast, and mold. Maybe a few parasites but not enough. [Blogger: It will also wack cancer – as I have read].
At the same time, I did Ted’s [“Ted Talks”] parasite cleanse with Borax for 30-days (5 days on and 2 days off). Use 1/8-teaspoon (1/4-teaspoon for people over 180-pounds) borax (sodium tetraborate, sodium borate, or disodium tetraborate) into 1 liter of distilled water. Drink throughout the day slowly to give parasites a dose over the day and keep them sick and die. Drink other liquid during the day because this is not enough for a person. [Blogger: boron is lacking in some soils – such as New Zealand. My wife & I take some borax every day – see my health website]
I did six (6) rounds of the baking soda with sweetener and borax water. I took the vitamin C and K the whole time. I expect to do maintenance rounds and I will be checked periodically to make sure I do not have any more episodes. My blood tests will tell me how often to do maintenance.
It is a good idea to do a 5-day liver gallbladder cleanse because this is quite a task for the body to rid itself of so many dead microbes. My platelet count rose steadily. My last platelet count was 292 thousand. Normal is between 150 and 450 thousand.

From the Internet: If you want good health, do what I do – research, research, research. We keep away from doctor’s.
1) Papaya leaf juice helps really fast. This is the best one.
Also, beet root juice and pomegranate juice.

2) Popular in folk medicine and home remedies, papaya and the juice of the papaya leaf can help with a low blood platelet count. Simply pound papaya leaves sans stalks with a mortar and pestle to release its juice. Consume two tablespoons of the papaya juice twice a day to help bring your platelet count up. While you could wait it out for more human studies to be done, this is a simple remedy that many attest to working wonders for them. One animal study found that the papaya leaf extract raised both the red blood cell and the platelet count significantly.
3) Others:
Vitamin K is known to help people with low platelet disorder.
If you have a low platelet count, taking in the daily recommended level of vitamin C is important.
Vitamin B12 deficiency has been associated with a low platelet count.
Vitamin D is needed to sustain healthy function of certain stem cells in your bone marrow that are responsible for platelet production.
Simply drink fresh wheatgrass juice every day to help boost your immunity and improve your blood platelet count.
Keep up your water intake through the day to ensure your body has adequate water to keep the blood healthy.
Sesame oil has a great ability to increase low platelet count in the blood significantly.

Note – Rife Machine: Very expensive.
Spooky2 Software: Free download. This simulator will create the frequency needed. Played through stereo headphones – your skull acts as a resonator.
Blogger: I have downloaded the “package”. I can’t install since Windows Security blocks me. I will find a way around this & report.

Bleeding Nose: Selected from Earth Clinic. Plenty of choice here. I would perhaps choose supplementation first. Also, the supplementation ones may help with low platelet count. Cleaning out viruses/bacteria/parasites will improve your health in many ways.
N.B.: If you were duped by the propaganda & took the jab (Bioweapon Injection), then your immune system will be depleted & worse.
*1 alfalfa tablet each day
*Apply ACV or white vinegar to a clean cotton ball Drink it also
My Granny taught me this–it works EVERY time. Only other comment is that any paper product folded up works too. The thicker the better (thus brown paper bag). It you make it about 1/8″- ~4mm thick, it works. Must be place tight against gum/lip just under your nose.

You can also just use your fingers to apply pressure to your gum right above the space between your two front teeth. A CPR & first Aid instructor told me this and it really seems to make sense, yet barely anyone recommends this technique.

That area of the lip is called a vestibule (like the gutter) in the mouth. Some times the attachement tissue from free lip to gum wall (frenum) can make it hard for some to place a roll of anything in there to stop bleeding. I used a cold gel pack on the back, base of my neck to stop a nosebleed, works fast!
*Every winter for several years now, I would get awful nosebleeds, and they were very difficult to stop. Sometimes they would stop only to start again within a few minutes. After reading about cayenne on this site, I began to take it in a capsule, maybe three times a day. After the very first capsule, the nosebleeds never returned. These days I use 1/2 tsp of cayenne in warm water to make a tea. It’s easier on my stomach and I feel its effects faster.
*Every winter since I was little I would get bloody noses because of the dry indoor air. Last winter it was bad. I was having at least one a day no matter how much I ran my humidifier. I came across this site and read about Cayenne Pepper helping with this problem. The day I started taking Cayenne Pepper pills was the last time I had a bloody nose! (It has been almost a year now) I take one in the morning with my vitamins and dont worry about my nose exploding every time I sneeze. Try it, you wont be disappointed!
*I once got a really bad bloody nose when I was a kid, I’d tip my head back to try and stop it but it would start running down my throat. I thought I was gonna bleed to death. My mom started giving me dropperfuls of liquid cayenne and I was so worried about my nose that I didn’t notice it was even hot so once I noticed it was helping I kept asking for more. The bleeding stopped within a few seconds. I couldn’t blow my nose for a few days after for fear I’d break a blood vein but Cayenne works to stop bleeding
*Tried a lot of things for my nose bleeds. Tried taking cayenne capsules. Might have helped a little, but not much. Then, out of the blue, started putting 3 shakes of cayenne pepper and 3 shakes of ginger in my pancake mix daily, and — no more bleeding! I was amazed, and very happy.
*On a FULL stomach – finely cut up a clove of garlic (raw is the only way I do this) swallow it down. (I put it on a spoon and add a bit of syrup on top & drink it down with milk. That Ends my nosebleeds.
Note: If your stomach starts to burn then you did not have enough food in to be a sponge from the acid in the garlic. So then just quickly eat bread and sip milk till it goes away. (I have done this before! ) milk coats the stomach and the bread is a great sponge.
*This evening my three year old was playing on a bed and tumbled off and hit his face on a chair. He had a terrible nosebleed from it. It may be the worst nosebleed I have ever seen. He had blood coming out of his nose and his mouth. I held him and wiped up blood with clean clothes (trying to stay very calm, since I know my reaction will affect him, all the while wondering if I should take him to Urgent Care or the ER…little ones bleeding can be scary! ) The blood just kept coming. I thought of cayenne pepper, but knew that would really upset him. The Lord kindly reminded me of Geranium Essential Oil. My daughter went to get that, and the Lavender Essential Oil. I put a drop of Geranium Essential Oil on his forehead with my finger and also wiped what was left on his nose and cheeks. I put another drop on my finger and held it to the roof of his mouth. In less than 60 seconds, the bleeding stopped. It was amazing. I was so grateful! I put some Lavender on him also as it is soothing.
I was still watching him carefully. I tried to put ice on his forehead/nose, but he didn’t like that. He really wanted me to take off his bloody clothes. So I changed him and gave him some smoothie I had in the fridge. (He said his mouth hurt…I guess from the oil. I wouldn’t normally use it straight or internally but was wanting to act quickly. I don’t think it burned him but I think he didn’t like the taste.) In 15 minutes he was riding his scooter on the porch.
At bedtime he has a couple of small red marks on his nose, but no bruise. Geranium is good to prevent bruises and goose eggs, too. I need to put some in my purse. I never want to be without geranium!
Had he acted oddly during the evening or had excessive swallowing, I would have taken him in to be seen, but he seemed quite himself. (Excessive swallowing can be an indication that there is still bleeding happening.)
*Yea for Geranium Essential Oil!
*Old chinese meds method of stopping a bloody nose. I have used this many times: Take a snipet of your own hair or someone elses hair. Burn this to ashes, mix with a drop of water into a paste. Apply on top of the nose not in the nose. Bleeding stops in seconds!
*As a child I used to get nose bleeds every time I got too hot. It happened once while standing in line at an amusement park. Luckily there was a nurse in front of me and she had me hold my head back and push on my gums over my two front top teeth. The bleeding stopped almost instantly and after that the nose bleeds came less often. Now it’s very rare for me to have one at all.
*I read that ayurvedic medicine recommends Sesame Oil.
Started about 2 weeks ago, applying 3-4 times/day and definitely at night.
*Blackstrap Molasses is what I use for nose bleeds. Last year in the height of COVID I shared this one with some friends who had nose bleeds. I usually heat the water, a cup will do, and stir in a pinch of baking soda. it usually works first time around. if not the second day should do it.
*I started having nose bleeds, again. My brother told me to sniff a little cinnamon and that would stop it and clot it. It worked.
*I’m now in my late 50’s. When I was a kid I had terrible nosebleeds, a few so bad they required an emergency trip to the doctor. My dad read about vitamin C with rose hips, and started giving that to me. I never had another nosebleed after that. He passed on that info to some other people who’s kids had that problem, and it worked for them, as well. You may not be able to find the rose hips, vitamin C with bioflavinoids also works just fine. The bioflavinoids strengthen the blood vessels–this supplement also helps with excessive bruising.
*Witch Hazel on a q-tip put directly on the inner membrane of the nose helps stop the bleeding of a bloody nose almost immediately. One to 2 applications is all it takes. My daughter gets a bloody nose on almost a weekly basis. Works every time.
In addition to Witchazel, I cured recurring or frequent nosebleeds w/ one or two topical applications of Cod Liver Oil, indicating a Vit-A deficiency (also started taking A-gelcaps). Eggs & Butter are the two main sources of naturally occurring or preformed Vit-A.