The Transformation Pendant

Oliver Schacke, the founder of 90.10 AG, has developed a technology which we can use to enhance our lives.
The Power Capsule:
There are a number of versions of this. You can also buy a set of 4 at a reduced price. See the above link

This device can be worn as a pendant & it has several functions:
It can neutralise WIFI radiation
It can boost the quantum energy within the body.
If placed under the pillow it will give better sleep.
It can enhance food & drink.
It can heal.

PC: aluminium shell, titanium balls

I have called this “The Transformation Pendant”, because this is the power which it has. Alchemists of old dreamed of turning lead into gold. Although the PC can’t do this, it transmutates nonetheless!

Nuclear Transformation:
One experiment which was carried out with the PC was that when placed in a beaker of water which was contaminated with radioactive Cesium-137, after 1/2 an hour there was no more radioactivity. The radioactive isotope had been transformed into a non-radioactive element – it had been neutralised. This is truly remarkable.
Cs-137 is produced in nuclear explosions & it is very harmful to living things. It has a half-life of about 30 years, meaning that after 30 years 1/2 is still left & therefore dangerous; another 30 years & 1/4 is left & so on.
Professor Louis Kervran in his book ‘Biological Transformations’ (1972 Engish Edition), he includes a chapter ‘Transformation of Radioactive Water’.
He writes: “Do the reactions which I propose have a possible application for the destruction of radioactive water?”
Professor Louis Kervran:

J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci. 28 (2019) 7–20 Research Article
“Transformation of Stable & Radioactive Isotopes in Biological Systems”
Vladimir Vysotskii – Ukraine
Alla Kornolova – Russia
The hypothesis about the possibility of nuclear transmutation of chemical elements and their isotopes in biological systems is one of most mysterious in the natural history and has been frequently discussed during the last decades.
The series of works Prof. C. Louis Kervran (Paris Univ.) (1901-1983) holds a special place in the chronology of transmutation of chemical elements and isotopes in biological objects:
Effectively, Louis Kervran was the first scientist of the post-nuclear era, who conducted systematized research of possible transmutational processes of chemical elements in biological objects.
Deactivation of reactor water in biological cells:
Microbiological cultures were used.
The possible reaction of Cs137 isotope utilization and transmutation is

Cs-137 + p —> Ba-138 [stable] + 5.58 MeV Energy is released

The presented results show perspectives of use of the effect of
stable and radioactive isotopes transmutation in biological
systems for natural and industrial applications.
These results can give the answer to the question of the reasons
of abnormal accelerated decrease of environmental radioactivity
in some isolated areas inside Chernobyl accident zone with initial
high level of radiation pollution.

Kyu-Jin Yum et al. / Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science 28 (2019) 1–6 3
The multi-component microorganisms showed much stronger
resistance to the exposure of radiation due to their strong ecosystem. They could extend the life of the microorganisms
three times longer compared to the single species of microorganisms. It was found that 137Cs, which has a radioactive
half-life of 30 years, transmutes within 310 days into stable 138Ba. They proposed the nuclear reaction as:
137Cs + 1H —> 138Ba

Conclusion: Vysotskii & Kornolova state –
“In all of his works Kervran has called the process of transformation of elements in biological systems as special “biological transmutation”.
In our opinion, there are no reasons to consider the process of transformation of isotopes in growing biological systems as
“biological transmutation” and separate it from the general physical concept of transmutation as a process of transformation of isotopes in special dynamical environment, governed by the laws of physics.

I disagree:
Organisms are special in that they are enlivened by the flow of Creation-Energy from the Cosmos.

The Power Capsule of 90.10 neutralises Cs-137 rapidly, since quantum energy flows in abundance into the radioactive solution. Even though the Quantum Energy of the Power Capsule may not be as fine as Creation Energy, it is fine matter energy & it seems to travel at the same speed:
10 to the power of 7000x the speed of light (although not measured, the time taken on Earth is so small that it appears to be zero).