Decalcification, Arthritis, Rheumatism

  • NOTE: For arthritis supplement with boron – take borax. After taking borax, my night cramps almost disappeared. Now I rarely have night cramps. Magnesium is also very important. We have also inclined our bed at 5 degrees – IBT, Andrew Fletcher – I will write a post on this when time permits – sharpen that saw!
    Prof Louis Kervran:
    N.B. Silica, Si, is an element. Silica, SiO2, is a compound. We would take organic silica to supply the body with silicon.
    The health that modern man has is temporary, lasting just for the time it takes for the last pill to wear off. When a symptom of a sickness begins to appear one shuts it in mechanically with whatever new pill is on the market. If one is not enough, one takes two, etc. – for months, or even for life. In medicine, as it is practised by many doctors, there is no intelligence involved.
    The “replacement” of an element is a primitive approach, born out of defects in understanding. The phenomenon of biological transmutations brings man back to life and reality.
    The problem of decalcification and the strengthening of the bones must be investigated all over again. We have seen how fractured bones can be healed rapidly by means of organic silica. We have learned how horsetail, which is quite poor in calcium, can help heal fractured bones. Fresh green vegetables (young plants), radishes, etc., contain a large amount of silica.
    Charnot’s Research:
    In the autopsy of a tuberculosis patient, Charnot noticed a strengthening of the bones and a simultaneous anomaly in the percentage of magnesium, accompanied by a lack of silicon in the bones.
    Magnesium and silicon are two of man’s main sources of limestone, Research has shown that tuberculosis is always accompanied by decalcification. Silicon disappears before calcium, that is an early sign of decalcification.. But when organic silica is given, a rapid calcification of the caverns occurs. When silica disappears, calcium leaves the bone. If organic silica is administered, the calcium returns. The two elements are linked.
    Charnot also remarked that there is a link between variation and decalcification. This fact inspired him to utilise the actions of silicon and potassium in the treatment of rheumatism.
    To a patient whose rheumatism was so bad that it deformed her fingers and joints, Charnot gave bicarbonate of potassium with an extract of organic silica. An X-ray was taken before the treatment. After 6 days of treatment another X-ray was taken. It revealed a complete cure.
    To another patient suffering from a decalcification of the knees, he again gave organic silica, this time extracted from plants. The silica was give with bicarbonate of potassium. After a month of daily treatment the knee was healed.
    To a woman who was badly decalcified he gave, for several consecutive days, an amount of calcium superior to the amount she was excreting, nevertheless, she excreted more silica than she ingested.
    We should be careful not to generalise. Excessively heavy doses of silica – especially the mineral ones – cause decalcification.

Sources of Silicon:
Diatomaecous Earth: Diatoms are a type of plankton called phytoplankton. Food grade DE is readily available.
My wife & I have been taking DE for years: 1T between 2 people is put in our morning fruit which is blended.
“Silica Savvy Solutions For Healthy Living” – Tui Rose
Herbs, Etc: 1) Young leaves – radish 2) Stinging nettle
Bamboo: Apparently 10x higher than other sources.
Choose your bamboo according to climate & desirable growth aspects.
New Zealand (temperate climate) РFairy Bamboo (Bambusa textilis var. gracilis) will withstand frost. A lovely, delicate plant.
This great book is a must have/ It includes many testimonials – many health test’s.
Biophysicist Prof. Louis Kervran (Paris) & Dr. Richard Barmakian (US) Discover Weak Bones with Low Silica:
*My summary – High Ca, low Si, fractured bones did not heal. Moderate Ca, bones healed fairly to poorly. An abundance of Si, even with low Ca,, bones healed very well.
Silica in Food Grade DE Prevents & Treats Osteoporosis:
Silicon is needed to strengthen & increase production of collagen & flexible connective tissue that binds everything together. As silica decreases with aging, so does calcium, along with weaker bones and less elasticity in connective tissue surrounding bones. Silica stimulates cartilage forming chondroblasts & collagen to support healthy bone function.
For bone development and rebuilding fractures, silica enhances the absorption and function of calcium, magnesium, potassium & boron/ Silica is vital in helping prevent osteoporosis & resulting injuries, while it also speeds the healing of fractures by being present in osteoblast bone building cells, and helping to deposit calcium phosphate to rebuild the bone matrix.
Note: Silica also helps to prevent Alzheimers by binding with aluminium.

Sudden Death Syndrome (“Cot Death”?):
From Bio Trans.
Statistics taken from January 1957 to November 1963 in Copenhagen showed that 80 children, from three to four months old, died suddenly. Although they had been given milk, their deaths were caused by a lack of calcium. Accidents of the same type were observed in a hospital in Paris. A post-mortem study showed that these sudden deaths, occurring in the cradle without warning, were caused by a spasm of the glotis which turned upside-down and obstructed the trachea.
Many hospital dieticians & even pediatricians do not yet know that these spasms, which are caused by a lack of calcium in the contractile cells of the blood, cannot be fought with calcium. Only magnesium can cre these spasms, the same applies in rickets. It seems that these unfortunate children had a deficit of an enzymatic order, therefore, they had difficulty in transmuting sodium into magnesium. They should have been given more magnesium directly. Of course, one should be careful to give a supplement of magnesium to patients subjected to salt-free diets, to avoid decalcification. Cereals & whole flowers are richer in magnesium than meat products.