Many people believe in homeopathy, where a highly diluted solution of a substance is used to treat a medical problem. Their belief in the solution which they ingest is so strong that the “power of the thoughts” does the healing, which is often called the ‘placebo’ effect.
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Contact Report 390:
May 26, 2005
This homeopathy excerpt is in the Contact Notes Block 10, pages 81-83
(in connection with the 585th official contact conversation)

Now, to all this, I have yet a further question which I would like to put to you: We once spoke about the fact that the signal effect in homeopathy is yet of a different kind than just those which you had addressed in your explanation. If I remember correctly, you said that also the attitude of the human being as well as their thoughts and feelings as well as the psyche and the consciousness and thus also the entire mental block plays a very important role. However, this is only the case when only very high dilutions of homeopathic remedies are given, therefore only if no more active ingredients are contained in the signal-carrier liquid, which is already the case after a few dilution processes. What can you say to this? Unfortunately, we discussed this outside of an official conversation, which is why regarding this nothing is set down in writing. I would still like to say, that on various occasions I’ve tried out several homeopathic remedies over weeks and months, but in no wise have they helped me with my suffering or illnesses. It was not until I procured the pure active ingredients and use these, did an improvement and a healing occur in each case, such as due to an Arnica agent and so forth.
1) You simply do not let yourself in to illusion and to a belief, which is also why no effect could be achieved.
2) The signal effect, that you have spoken of, concerning homeopathic remedies with regard to the human being, is based, as you have rightly said, on the mental swinging waves, energies and powers, whereby these fundamentally arise from the thoughts, feelings and the psyche as well as from the consciousness, wherein the whole mental block is called.
3) Basically, these energies and powers are based on imaginations and beliefs.
4) The mental-swinging waves, whose energies and powers are reflected and embodied through the thoughts, feelings, the psyche and the consciousness, which in relation to homeopathic remedies are steered in such a way, that they generate positive and thus also alleviating and healing effects with regard to suffering and illnesses.
5) This use of the mental-swinging waves as well as their energies and powers functions in a similar wise as the consciousness-healing, that is mistakenly called spirit healing and is misunderstood, which does not exist in reality.
6) The process of the consciousness-healing is founded in a telepathic-suggestive transmission of mental swinging waves, energies and powers, which effectuates in the receiving-person, that these strong self-suggestive mental swinging waves, energies and powers develop unknowingly, through which a self-healing is brought about.
7) So it can be said, that through their own energies and powers, none of the persons capable of the consciousness-healing, can alleviate another human’s suffering or is able to heal them of illnesses.
8) A person capable of the consciousness-healing is merely able – as yet with the human beings of earth, absolutely unconsciously – to send out telepathically-suggestive mental swinging waves, energies and powers to certain human beings – even to animals or plants -, through which mental swinging waves, energies and powers are triggered by a very strong unconscious self-suggestion, through which a self-healing is brought about.
9) Now the process of the aforementioned further signal-effect of the homeopathy is based in this, that the person concerned, to whom the homeopathic remedy will be given, suggestively stimulates their mental block unconsciously for the generation of a comprehensive mental-swinging wave with its energies and powers, through which a self-healing in this case is also triggered and carried out.
10) With regard to a consciousness-healing, such effects can also be brought about at a distance, if in this form the person capable of it can actually make use of their mental block i.e. its swinging waves, energies and powers.
11) This is quite in contrast with the application of homeopathic remedies, in which a direct, acute self-suggestion leads to a self-healing, if in the homeopathic remedy no active ingredients, but only active signals are included, which truthly act only according to belief.
12) And precisely because the active ingredient signals are also retained in million-fold dilutions of an active ingredient, it is spoken of the fact, that the healing effect is based on a signal effect.
13) However, this must be understood fundamentally in the sense, that the signals of the homeopathic remedy itself, are not what bring about an alleviation or healing, but rather that these perform only an intermediary function i.e. a belief-function to the mental block, which then begins to suggestively act in the wise that very strong mental swinging waves, energies and powers are generated, through which ultimately a self-healing takes place.
14) Homeopathic medications, it must be said yet again, are as active ingredient remedies only of effective remedial healing-benefit, if only a small dilution is given, just as long as the active ingredients are still present in larger detectable quantities.
15) With the number of dilutions, the active ingredients dwindles and therefore becomes ever weaker and more useless, wherein finally only the signaling-effect is left over, which I have already explanatorily laid out in its effect.
16) The uselessness of homeopathic remedies already begins at a low dilution, because fundamentally only the pure active substance is useful and alleviating or healing in an ample wise.

That excerpt is probably necessary to round out the whole of your brief explanation.
Exactly, I also think, since the human being often has a short memory, the same issues therefore keep coming back, even though they were already answered in detail once or several times. However, this is probably only because, for one thing with responses to questions, one doesn’t listen attentively and rightly and therefore also doesn’t consciously and carefully think about it. For another, questions and answers thus fall into oblivion, because no real interest is given with regard to a question and its answer, because for the sake of the questioning, only a little interest is needed to grab the attentiveness of the listener themselves. This also relates to the learning in every respect, thus also to the reading of books and writings, because if something is read only superficially or without real interest, then on the one hand it corresponds merely to a superficial look-through of some written words, and on the other it deviates from a thorough studying.
Your argumentation corresponds to that which is real, but your explanation will not please some people.
We have a saying: If the human is struck on a nerve, then he/she cries out.